Pitcher Perfect: End of summer drink series

Pitcher perfect: smile, sip, snap, repeat

Do you find yourself getting stuck drinking the same thing over and over again? As the end of summer approaches, we wanted to make sure you took advantage of the weather and shake things up a bit (literally).

Various cocktails for every palette

Whether we are the calorie counter, the vodka only drinker, or down for anything drinker, we have something for you. Browse our various collection of summer drinks to quench your thirst before summer is over.

Our Drinks

We’re highlighting several drinks to tickle your fancy. Click any of the images below to check out how to make each drink and get ready to celebrate summer until the last drop!

Summer Shandy Cocktail in the MAN'edged Magazine Pitcher Perfect end of summer drink series

What’s your favorite drink?

If you decide to try out these drinks, we want to see your creation! Be sure to tag us on Instagram @manedgedmag or on Twitter @manedgedmag



Please, drink responsibly. Must be 21+. MAN’edged Magazine does not endorse underage drinking or drink and driving.