No, not that type of stash

More like a palm tree stash. There is a new print trend in menswear that we see guys wearing and we have to make sure you know about it. Get ready for the Hawaiian print shirt resurgence!

Not the typical Tommy Bahama shirt

Yes, you can finally channel your inner Hawaiian spirit, but this print has been updated from the typical dad/tourist shirt. This print trend will be on various pieces from button-downs to shorts. In fact, the colors offered have also taken on a whole new approach and evolved form that dingy brown print that automatically comes to mind for some of us. Check out these awesome Hawaiian shirts from River Island. 

Styling tip

Please, do us all a favor and wear sparingly. Our tip to you is to just wear one Hawaiian inspired garment at a time. Unless of course, you are a fashion warrior capable of pulling off any look. Then by all means, pass the tree.


What do you think of this trend? Are you already rocking it? Hit us up on Twitter or Instagram or better yet, drop a comment below. Show how you are already rocking this look.

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