Can you keep up with Baddie?

Meet the phenomenal 87 year old Baddie Winkle who has taken over Instagram by storm. With over 1.8 millions followers, Baddie is more than just a party machine. She has recently become an inspiration at MAN’edged Magazine in the latest Smirnoff Ice campaign video below.

Keeping It Moving

Baddie has teamed up with our friends over at Smirnoff to share the message about her unique perspective on life and what she says is her motivation to keep things moving. From rubbing elbows with the Kardashians to Drake, Baddie holds no fears when it comes to personal style and taste.

A unique identity 

When it comes to style, Baddie is most know for her electric looks, which is probably why she teamed up with Smirnoff ICE Electric Flavors. Who doesn’t want to channel her inner awesomeness.

With a personal style that ranges from jackets made entirely of Furbies, to shiny silver spandex, Baddie touches our inner rock star. Sure we might not want to wear the silver spandex to our next meeting, but Baddie’s fearlessness in style is something we can all learn from.

Oh, you know, just me and my new BFF, @baddiewinkle acting up for the camera. Ok, BFF is a stretch, but style crush isn’t. Thanks @smirnoffus ICE Electric! #keepitmoving #baddiewinkle #boozeblogger #smirnoffice

At MAN’edged Magazine, we applaud the rad vibe that this rock star shares with the world. Keeping being true to your own style. Rock on Baddie!

Video Courtesy of Smirnoff ICE Electric Flavors

87-year-old Instagram sensation and festival lover, Baddie Winkle (@baddiewinkle)