The new detail

Today’s trendcast detail alert is all about the scoop neck.

The t-shirt world in men’s fashion is quickly evolving and that means the details of this piece are going to morph as well. Say goodbye to the boring deep v-neck and get ready to show-off a little collar-bone and less man chest.

How to wear

This detail does not really change how you pair a t-shirt, but it adds a new edge to an otherwise basic t-shirt and jeans ensemble. An added benefit is that it can also make us look a bit more toned than we actually are.

Opt for a scoop neck tee

Having a little collar-bone showing is not only just the right amount of man sexiness, but also offers an edge to your look.  It adds something different to a basic t-shirt and jeans type of day. The once popular deep v-neck is now outdated. Opt for a scoop neck tee, the this piece by Sandor Lakatos, to add some dimension to your outfit.


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