No, your tee is not stretched out. Let LOOSE a little

That is unless you yanked that little ol’ tee over your knees to make some extra room (we get it, we’ve been there too). The ordinary t-shirt has evolved from its usual t-like shape.

The silhouette

The new trend we are seeing is a very loose-fitting men’s knit shirt. We’re not talking about hem lengths, but more so, the width of tees. Remember the days of the ultra fitted and blinged out Ed Hardy shirts? The current trend we have observed is more laid back and literally loose. We’ve all felt the need to let loose a bit and now our shirts might actually help us do just that.


What do you think of this trend? Are you already rocking it? Hit us up on Twitter or Instagram or better yet, drop a comment below. Show how you are already rocking this look.

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