Men’s Underwear: What to wear down under

Men’s Underwear

Most of us wear them, but is it time to ditch your worn out, old underwear? With today’s Editor’s Pick you’ll feel good about what you’re wearing down under, but also look good when it’s time to show your drawers.

Editor's Pick spread featuring Related Garment men's underwear

Today MAN’edged Mag is highlighting an awesome men’s underwear brand by the name of Related Garments.

According to Related Garments, “Too many men are ignoring a quick and effortless way to improve their style: upgrading their underwear.” We could not agree more!

Men: whether you’re gearing up at the gym, gearing down on a date, or just want to have that extra ounce of confidence in your style game, we need to kick the old ratty underwear and get something better.

Luckily, with brands like Related Garments, you can easily step up your style game by grabbing a pair of refined underwear.

Left men's boxer brief underwear from Related Garment, Right men's houndstooth handsome sock

The Hound $29 Related Garments

Close up of Related Garment's men's underwear

The Hound $29 Related Garments






Photo source courtesy of Amy Torres @treeeyes
Graphics via Michael William G Creative