The trend

Multi-panelled pants

What’s a multi-panelled pant

A multi-paneled pant has various panels sewn together. Some styles are sewn on-top of one another, while others lie next to each other. The fabrics also usually have contrasting textures.

The scoop

If you have stepped foot into a men’s store as of late, chances are that you have seen this trend. Our fashion antenna has been aware of it and has seen an influx of this trend hitting store shelves today.

From Zara to Bloomingdales, designers have been introducing the multi-panelled pant to consumers and you have most likely been participating in this look without realizing why.

We like this style because of the visual depth. Meaning, instead of just a solid colored pant, the contrasting fabrics/textures are more stimulating to the eye. The multi-panel pant will quickly boost your visual variety appeal.

Whether it be a denim jean that has multiple patterns sewn together, a dropped crotched pant with zippers/mesh or a jogger pant made of multiple fabrics, this multi-panel pant look is here to stay.

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