New digs

Shockingly enough, thanks to the great menswear and home décor departments at the new flagship H&M store, we now have a reason to brave the throngs of Nikon and Canon yielding tourists in Herald Square.

Versus other H&Ms I have been to in the past, this store lets its customers have space to breathe. The clothes are prominently displayed and easily accessible rather than packed tightly onto a rack.

Space, space, and more space

Guys- we can actually walk between racks without hoards of discarded clothes attaching to our briefcase/backpack/lunchbox/murse and causing a parade to start forming behind us.

The men’s world

The men’s section on the bottom floor of the four-story retailer is curated into subcategories (including a men’s shoe section!) that make it easy to navigate and find whatever particular ‘look’ you’re going for.

The clothes

The Swedish retailer has the menswear department stocked with tons of vintage inspired polos and tees made for weekends at the beach and backyard BBQs. It wouldn’t be H&M if they didn’t whip up their own version of an iconic style. For example, their version of the Adidas Stan Smith lookalike (no green heel tab though). For those of us that already rock that look, be sure to check out what shoe trend is next here!


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Waverly Bair
MAN’edged Fashion Contributor