Scientist or Sneakerhead? What Colors Do You See in This Sneaker Illusion?

Are you as right or left-brain dominant as you think?

First, let’s just ask the main question that everyone wants to know. 

Whether you’re that sneakerhead friend who owns every pair of Jordans or an ultra-conservative scientist…what we’re about to ask is probably going to blow your mind.

Do you see a pink/white color combo in the image below or do you see a grey/green color combo?

Yes, we will totally wait after you show your buds, the waiter, the barista, or who ever is in the nearest vicinity.

So, what’s the verdict?

We here at MAN’edged Mag including our Founder @MichaelWilliamG totally see a white and baby pink color combination (please don’t mail us any hate letters). 

All joking aside, what does this say about you?

Are you right-brain dominant?

GASP! Clutch the pearls. 

Could it be true, that you, a super cool logical human being that’s always careful to make the best judgments is actually…*gulp*… a creative genius?

Yes. Actually, if we’re being culturally appropriate we’d rather say “YAS!”. 

While you might want to argue with us, if you see the pink and white color combination from the image below, you, our dearest friend, are indeed a beautiful right-brain dominant human being.

What’s this mean?

If you see a white and pink color combo in this sneaker illusion, then you are a little creative and imaginative freak. Like…seriously.

Oh, and we TOTALLY stan for it.

As much as you want to front that you’re this super buttoned-up bro…you’re answer to this is that you’re not. 

We actually just LOL’d because we probably just helped set you “free” bit.

Time to get those creative juices flowing. 

Shall we dare say jumpstart those juices with a cocktail from our drinks section?

Are you left-brain dominant?

Holy sh*t.

Yeah, man. If you took the time to read the above, this means that if you see the grey and green color combo in this sneaker illusion…well…you’re basically a straight-laced left-brain dominant human being.

All this time you’ve been a major sneakerhead, you could’ve been raking up the dough as an accountant.

Our gut tells us that you’ve probably been levering those logical skills to make a killing in the sneaker world. #securethebag

In fact, our twerkalicous friend LIZZO helped bring this whole sneaker illusion to the masses. 

Lizzo's Sneaker Illusion post via Instagram
Image: LizzoBeating/Instagram

Sigh…we one day hope to be as cool as she is.

Then, of course, our really cool friend Will Smith, asked every single person in this restaurant here, what they saw. It’s pretty damn funny to see everyone’s reactions.

Will Smith Sneaker Illusiom
Image: Will Smith/Instagram

In either event, no matter what you see we still love you, bruh.

We just thought this was yet another cool way to see how we, as human beings, are suppose to be different from one another. 

It helps add some “color” to our world and make things interesting.

So, the next time someone views something different than you do, just give them time to see things from your perspective. 

After all, no one said we’re allowed to see everything through the same set of eyes, right?

What do color combo do you see?

Ask the homies and tag us @MANedgedMAG so we can re-share the broken-friendships that are to follow.