4 Tips for Modding Your Electric Vehicle

4 Tips for Modding Your Electric Vehicle

Your new car is about to make an awesome new impression.

The reputation of electric cars is shifting. What was once a minor fad has become a significant trend worth following. If you’ve got an electric vehicle, you need to make sure it’s cool, kickass, and distinctly your style.

Yeah, you could just slap a few decals on it, but that’s not enough. Your car needs to make a statement. And it’ll do just that if you follow these four tips for modding your electric vehicle.

Mixing Up the Interior

Interior mods are a classic for making your ride as stylish as possible. Carbon fiber steering wheels will look great, provide a better grip, and make your drives more comfortable. You can choose from custom upholstery options and some sweet door kickplates to really amp up your car’s interior.

Beefing Up the Engine

Electric vehicles have a lot of room under the hood, literally and metaphorically. With the proper persistence and know-how, car enthusiasts will be able to multiply the horsepower of their rides. Adding motors to electric vehicles is a newer practice but one that’s sure to be on the rise as modifications become more accessible.

Puddle Lights

Adding custom puddle lights to your car is another tip for modding your electric vehicle that’s sure to make it stand out from the rest. Puddle lights are built into your car’s mirror and light up the ground when turned on. With a variety of logos and color options, your vehicle will make a statement with this unique feature.

Swap Out the Tires

Most electric vehicles use a standard 18-inch frame, but wheel mods and sleek new tires are available for you and your car. Throw on some high-performance tires when you really want an increase in acceleration and handling.

Electric cars are hot right now, and they’re only getting more popular. With the proper mods and enough flair, you can make sure your car turns heads when you speed down the streets.