5 Things That Are Secretly Causing Acne Breakouts

5 Things That Are Secretly Causing Acne Breakouts

Don’t let acne take over your confidence and complexion.

Dedication to your skin’s health will make breakouts a problem of the past. All you need is a bit of guidance. If you’re struggling to manage acne, there are several solutions to combat it. Uncover the everyday things that are secretly causing acne breakouts.

Air Pollution in the City

The morning air in urban environments is far from the garden-fresh oxygen we dream of; it’s a mixture of exhaust fumes from the endless stream of traffic, thick smoke from industrial factories, and fine particles dispersed from never-ending construction sites.

These airborne particles are so minuscule that they can penetrate your skin’s protective barrier. Clogged pores, inflammation, and a degrading collagen production are quick to follow.

A gingerly morning skincare routine will strengthen your skin’s barrier to prevent acne. Use products like an oil-free moisturizer and an acne-safe sunscreen to start the day. Hydration and UV protection defends the immediate threats of pollution and your skin’s long-term radiance.

A Non-Existent Nighttime Skincare Routine

After a day of exposure to the city’s less than ideal air quality, your skin desperately needs to heal and rejuvenate.

A dedicated evening routine should start with a cleanser to remove dirt, oil, and your sunscreen from the day. Then, apply a product containing salicylic acid that shrinks pimples and clears the pores.

Follow up with a hydrating serum or your favorite moisturizer. Now, your skin is prepped and ready for tomorrow.

Acidic, Caffeinated, and Sugary Beverages

We’ve heard it a thousand times – stay hydrated. But did you know that what you drink can affect your skin?

The culprit is the innocent-looking coffee, fruit smoothie, or energy drinks. High in acidity, caffeine, and sugar, they’re a trifecta of trouble for your skin. Water and caffeine-free herbal teas are ideal to keep your clear skin on track.

Trapped Sweat from Exercising

The combination of sweat, oil, and friction creates a perfect storm for clogging pores. This is especially the case when your skin isn’t allowed to breathe under workout clothes or against gym equipment.

Post-workout, don’t let sweat linger on your skin longer than necessary. Promptly remove sweaty clothes and jump in the shower. While it may seem inconvenient to immediately cleanse after exercising, it’s vital for preventing post-workout acne. This practice is sure to reduce flareups all over the body.

Touching Your Skin With Unclean Hands

Amidst your quick-paced lifestyle, you’re hardly paying attention to what you touch and if your hands are clean. However, touching your face with bacteria-ridden hands is a secret cause of acne breakouts.

Holding onto a subway pole then itching your nose; turning a door handle then sitting at your desk with your face in your hands; placing your phone on your cheek. Each of these daily habits can have terrible consequences for your skin.

Be mindful of the cleanliness of your hands and how often you touch your face. Keep hand sanitizer ready for any unclean environments you encounter.


Every man has different grades of acne that range in severity. When you take a comprehensive approach and watch out for these acne triggers, you can better treat your symptoms for clear skin.