5 Tips for Giving Barbershop Clients the Perfect Shave

As a barber, you want to know how to give your clients the best possible shaving experience. Here are five tips for giving barbershop clients the perfect shave.

Learning to give the perfect shave will help you build loyalty with clients and draw in more business.

As a barber, you want to provide the best services possible to ensure that your clients come back for more appointments. Therefore, providing a good shave will get clients excited to return.

Out of all the services that you can offer, a clean shave is one of the most desirable. So here are five tips for giving barbershop clients the perfect shave.

Prep and Soften the Skin

The first step in the shaving process is to prep and soften the skin. You’ll want to start by washing your client’s face with warm water and draping a hot towel over their skin to soften it and open the pores. This technique loosens the hair, prevents irritation, and makes gliding the razor over the skin easier.

Create a Good Lather

Creating a good lather is the next step when shaving a client’s face. You’ll want to use a quality shaving cream that is rich, thick, and moisturizing for the skin. You can apply the cream with your hands in a circular motion or use a brush that helps you get under each hair, making for an easier shave.

Choose the Right Razor

Now you’ll want to ensure that you choose the right razor for the shave. You can choose from multi-blade razors, double-edge razors, or single-blade razors. Pick the razor that you’re most comfortable with and that you have some skill using. Then, you want to make sure that your razor is clean and sharp enough to do the job properly.

Go With the Grain

Going with the grain is the next tip in the shaving process. You always want to avoid shaving against the grain first, as this can run the risk of cuts, knicks, and ingrown hairs. If you want to shave against the grain, you should do so only after first shaving with the grain. Going in the direction that the hair naturally grows will help you to get a smoother shave free of irritation.

Use a Post-Shave Treatment

The last step to giving the perfect shave is using a post-shave treatment. After you finish shaving, you’ll want to protect and moisturize the client’s skin. Rinse the face with cold, not hot, water to help close the pores. Then, apply a post-shave balm to the skin to soothe, hydrate, and moisturize. Avoid products that contain alcohol, as they’ll dry out the skin and cause bumps and discomfort.

Now that you know five ways to give your clients the best shave, you can provide this service in your shop with confidence and skill. If you want to take your shaving experience a step further, it’s helpful to know some tips on what to look for in a barber chair so that you can give your clients the most enjoyable appointments possible.