Are you the world’s most interesting person? Find out with this.

Who will be dubbed the world’s most interesting person?

Well, YOU just might be. Dos Equis has set out to discover the world’s most interesting person by launching the “Dos Equis Interesting Index”. This algorithm scrubs through user’s specific Facebook data to determine your “score”. This index sifts through various categories like originality, thirst for knowledge, worldliness, and sense of adventure.

The legendary actor, Luis Guzman, ranked in as 8,507 most interesting man in the world. MAN’edged Magazine had a chance to sit and talk style with the legendary actor. Catch our interview with Mr. Guzman here. Find out where you rank by clicking here. You just might be cooler than you think.

Does Equis spokesman Luis Guzman holding beer in Most Interesting Person Index