Best Non-Perishable Foods To Store in Your Home

Best Non-Perishable Foods To Store in Your Home

Stocking your house up with the right supplies; don’t let natural disasters or global instability leave you unprepared.

Today’s world is full of uncertainties, so being ready for any situation is imperative. Natural or global disasters occur almost every day, meaning you must have the proper supplies and food items lining the shelves of your pantry.

Some disasters last days or even months, so finding the perfect produce involves knowing which foods stay good the longest. Here’s a helpful guide for the best non-perishable foods to store in your home.

Canned Produce

Canned foods are well regarded for their longevity and easiness to prepare. Because of this, you should always have an ample supply of canned goods stored away, especially in anticipation of an emergency.

These items include vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry, and beans—food types that all contain necessary nutrients and require little power or appliances to prepare. They can last anywhere from one to five years while remaining at room temperature, and their convenient containers make canned produce easy to organize and store.

Nuts, Seeds, And Grains

After a while, you’ll get sick of canned goods and desire something fresher and more natural. Stock up on nuts, seeds, and grains so that your diet stays healthy and well-balanced. Nuts and seeds remain fresh for many months, take up little space, and provide many essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, you can turn extra seeds into fresher foods straight from a home garden.

Grains, such as rice, oats, and bread, are imperative for healthy eating habits and last approximately three to six months. Always opt for whole grains over white grains for better nutritional value.


Soup is the king of non-perishable food items thanks to its impressive longevity and variety in tastes and textures. More so, soups don’t require much during the quick cooking process. Low-acid soups last nearly five years at room temperature, while vegetable-based cans stay fresh for over a year. Always opt for low sodium soups that are rich in nutrients.


Are you looking for a tasty meat snack to include in your emergency supply or bunker? Jerky is an excellent food item that can last for years when properly sealed. Naturally sourced, preservative-free jerky is the healthiest option available for you and your home. Interestingly, studies have shown that jerky alleviates symptoms of stress caused by discomfort, mainly because this meat contains enough nutrients to be considered a superfood.

A disaster can present itself anytime, so the only way to stay secure is by being prepared. Plan for the darkest of times by stocking up on the best non-perishable foods to store in your home.