Comfort Is King: The Top Men’s Jacket Trends for Fall 2021

Comfort Is King: The Top Men’s Jacket Trends for Fall 2020

High fashion can be hard to wear, but the top men’s jackets trends for fall 2021 do have one thing in common.


Didn’t see that coming, did you?

You don’t have to run out and buy everything that designers are showing on runways, but they can inspire some much-needed wardrobe updates. If you’ve already built a foundation of basic outerwear, these trends can show you how to add some flair to your style. Here’s what you’ll be seeing on the streets.

Oversized Puffers

Sure, they’re plenty large to begin with, but the latest puffers extend past your hips. In some cases, even to your knees. They’re surprisingly flattering, though, and can even elongate your legs.

Designer Jordan Luca presented hooded puffer jackets that were printed with party-ready acid-house designs. Other innovations included overstitched denim parkas and padded scarves.

Don’t panic if it seems like a lot. If you feel overwhelmed by puff, the vest versions are always easy to throw on with jeans.

Urban Utility

Everyone is loving this winter trend. It combines the best of your beloved cargo pants with luxe materials and a military spirit. That’s right, it’s high fashion—but with pockets!

These multipocketed jackets are usually khaki, green, or brown. The neutral colors provide a perfect background for adding bold accessories.

Urban utility jackets even pay homage to the fishing vest. The familiar quilted nylon will make you want to buy one as your new go-to jacket. Enjoy the structured silhouette and the convenience of finally having places to put your stuff: your wallet, your phone, and the occasional fishing lure.


Leather jackets never go out of style. This year’s new classics featured shearling everywhere.

It’s hard to resist, to be honest. Shearling has worked on everyone from ’70s-era Robert Redford to Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

During Fashion Week, Tod’s showed shearling jackets that were turned inside out. If you don’t want to get that extreme, a luxurious collar has plenty of impact.

The rugged, outdoorsy shearling is updated with sporty cuts to offset the volume. It looks great as a biker jacket or even a peacoat. Traditional, natural colors are still in style—brown, camel, ivory.

That’s good news if you’re on a budget. If you’ve got an older shearling jacket in your closet, it might pass.

All the top men’s jacket trends for fall 2020 are surprisingly comfortable. You’ll look good wearing them, and you’ll feel good doing it.

One other thing all this designer outerwear has in common? You can wear them with another breakout star from the latest runways: an oversized scarf. You’ll definitely be warm in one of these long, chunky knit accents.

Just make sure it doesn’t hide your new jacket.