Different Kinds of Apparel To Wear for Concealed Carry

Different Kinds of Apparel To Wear for Concealed Carry

Carry your firearm respectfully despite the heat of summer.

Finding multiple outfits that work for concealed carry during hot seasons is a necessity. Feel confident in your concealed carry apparel.

Different concealment types call for different apparel. But there’s one factor to keep in mind throughout the summertime: you’ll want to dress for warm weather. Keep some useful summertime concealed carry tips in mind, and change your wardrobe to accommodate the heat.

Cotton Shirts

Cotton shirts are an excellent go-to when it comes to kinds of apparel to wear for concealed carry. If you carry at the shoulder or with a belly band, these will be your best friend. Chances are you already have some basic T-shirts on hand. However, cotton or linen shirts will help hide the concealed carry while staying breathable in the heat.

Just make sure these fabrics aren’t too thin before you purchase. Too thin of a shirt means you’ll be able to see the firearm or outline of it. To prevent a deviation and outline in the shirt, purchase a larger size that provides extra wiggle room. Too tight of a shirt will show off your firearm and potentially make those around you uncomfortable.

Larger Shorts

Shorts are a summer staple. Look for pairs that don’t have too many pockets, as the presence of excessive pockets while carrying inside the waistband can make you feel tied down. For comfortability and flexibility, pants and shorts with no more than your standard pockets are ideal.

You’ll also have to consider sizing. When you carry inside the waistband, you’ll have to plan extra space in your pants. Consider purchasing one size larger than normal so that the firearm fits comfortably.

Tactical Belts

Tactical belts and holsters are a must as you craft your concealed carry summer outfit of choice. Belts will help keep the firearm secure inside or outside your pants. This will allow you to attach a holster to the belt, saving the integrity of your clothing.

The options are endless when shopping for nylon tactical belts. However, you can always choose leather if you prefer a dressier option.

Cotton shirts, larger shorts, and tactical belts are among the different kinds of apparel for concealed carry—especially in the summer. Invest today and enjoy comfortability, security, and versatility.