Different Styles of Off-Body Concealed Carry Bags

Different Styles of Off-Body Concealed Carry Bags

Sometimes, on-body concealed carry isn’t a practical option.

Off-body concealed carry bags keep your weapon close and secure. But like everything else about carrying, you must find the right option for your lifestyle and weapon.

Fortunately, there’s a bag option for every preference and need. Compare the different styles of off-body concealed carry bags to find the best fit and style for you.


Concealed carry backpacks are a versatile option for people who prefer a hands-free carry approach. These bags typically feature dedicated compartments with padded holsters or hook-and-loop panels for securing firearms.

The backpack design evenly distributes the bag’s weight across the wearer’s back, providing comfort during extended wear. These bags often come with multiple storage pockets for organizing essential everyday carry (EDC) items like ammunition, spare magazines, and personal belongings.

Fanny Packs or Belt Bags

Fanny packs, also called belt bags, are compact and worn around the waist. They feature a compartment to keep your weapon secure and can also be configured for carrying items like small water bottles.

One of the best reasons to use a tactical fanny pack for concealed carry is that it keeps your firearm in an ideal position for drawing. The style and accessibility make belt bags especially great if you want to carry discreetly during physical activities like running or hiking.

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are another popular style of off-body concealed carry bags. These stylish and practical bags resemble traditional messenger bags, with a flap that covers the main compartment. The cross-body design keeps the bag close to you and offers convenient access to your firearm.

Inside, the bags have holsters or dedicated pockets for holding a firearm. Like backpacks, messenger bags have ample storage space for personal items, making them a suitable off-body carry option for everyday life.

Backpacks, belt bags, and messenger bags are three of the most popular off-body carrying methods for men. Prioritize safety and responsible handling by using a bag specially made for securing your firearm.