Essential Motorcycle Gear Every Rider Needs

Essential Motorcycle Gear Every Rider Needs

You’re almost ready to take your motorcycle out on the road.

The thrill of a motorcycle ride is like no other. But the excitement doesn’t have to come at the expense of your safety.

Cruise the streets with protective gear that could mean the difference between injury and death. Protect yourself from the hazards of your hobby with essential motorcycle gear every rider needs.

A Full-Face Helmet

A full-face helmet completely encompasses your head; it protects the back of your head, your face, and your chin.

These helmets have passed crash tests and provide adequate protection for riders in case of a fall or collision. Generally, soft foam lines the full-face helmet for motorcyclists, and they typically have a visor that you can lift up or bring down over your eyes.

A Motorcycle Jacket

A motorcycle jacket protects your upper body from abrasion, wind, and precipitation. Motorcycle jackets can be made from a variety of materials, such as leather, Kevlar, and strong nylon. Each material offers unique benefits regarding breathability, water resistance, and abrasion resistance.

Once you’ve invested in a great motorcycle jacket, be sure to take care of it and make repairs as necessary. The same is true for other items in your protective arsenal. For example, if a zipper breaks, you can repair the zipper on your motorcycle gear quite easily with the right tools. Repair the zipper as soon as possible to ensure a comfortable ride.

Riding Boots

Riding boots are the next piece of essential motorcycle gear every rider needs. Your boots need to cover your entire foot and ankle to provide adequate protection.

You’ll rely on these boots to help you support your weight, as well as the weight of your bike, at every stop. They’ll also protect you from weather conditions and your bike’s exhaust. Additionally, they will protect your feet from receiving open wounds and twisting in a crash.


Motorcycle gloves protect your fingers, knuckles, palms, and wrists. Armored motorcycle gloves dampen vibrations, making it more comfortable for you to ride long distances. Gloves also improve your grip on your bike’s handles. And if you get in an accident and go flying, they offer impact- and abrasion-resistance.

Motorcycle Pants

Motorcycle pants protect your legs from impact and abrasion. Padded inserts at your knees and hips will shield these body parts from an impact injury, making quality motorcycle pants a crucial part of your motorcycle gear.

Motorcycle pants can be made with leather, synthetic textiles, and denim. Since denim alone doesn’t offer adequate protection, denim riding pants feature built-in protective panels. However, keep in mind that even with these added features, leather and synthetic riding pants almost always offer better protection.