How Motorcyclists Can Best Avoid Accidents With Cars

How Motorcyclists Can Best Avoid Accidents With Cars

Motorcyclists and motorists always seem to have a difficult time sharing the road with each other.

If you ride a motorcycle, we’re sure you’re already quite aware of the fact that people who drive cars aren’t always the most considerate when sharing the road. Sometimes, you might feel as if people driving cars don’t even notice that you exist. Even though motorists are starting to become more aware of people on motorcycles, there’s still a lot for them to learn.

However, it should be noted that motorcyclists aren’t blameless, either. They’re equally as likely to make a mistake that can put themselves or others in danger. That’s why our guide today is focused on how motorcyclists can best avoid accidents with cars.

Ride Defensively

Unfortunately, yelling at inconsiderate people in vehicles isn’t going to make them become better drivers, so you need to be a more defensive rider to avoid getting hit if they mess up. Some ways to do this include staying on the far side of the lane from oncoming traffic, keeping your distance from other cars, and keeping one hand on the brake in case you need to make a quick stop.

One way to trick yourself into being more defensive is to pretend that none of the other drivers on the road can ever see you. That way, you’ll be prepared in the event that they really don’t see you.

Follow All Rules of the Road

Some motorcyclists think the laws of driving don’t apply to them since they aren’t in a real car. They do things like riding in between cars or going well over the speed limit.

Most drivers aren’t ready to react to such careless acts, so even if they’re obeying the road laws, they may still end up hitting a motorcyclist who isn’t. Callous motorcyclists haven’t exactly given themselves a good reputation.

Check the Weather

If you want to ride your motorcycle today, be sure to check the weather first. Motorcycles aren’t as well equipped as your typical car for wet or slippery surfaces. Also, since they only have two wheels, they automatically have less than half of the traction of a car or truck.

So, if there’s a chance of rain or dropping temperatures, it might be a good idea to leave the motorcycle at home and drive your car instead.

What To Do in the Case of an Accident

Even if you follow every single tip regarding how motorcyclists can best avoid accidents with cars, you’ll still have a chance of ending up in an accident. Whether you’re in the car or on the motorcycle, collisions between the two vehicles can be devastating for both parties—but usually more so for the motorcyclist. It’s good to know all of the steps on what to do after a motorcycle accident, but at the very least, you should inspect your injuries and call 911.