How To Be Stylish and Comfortable for Men

How To Be Stylish and Comfortable for Men

Whoever said “beauty is pain” is either certifiably insane or a masochist.

Seriously, why do we have this idea that we have to feel awful to look good? We are here to take the burden off your shoulders. If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like to learn how to be stylish and comfortable for men, we have answers for you.

Fall Back on Athleisure

One man’s gym clothes are another man’s high fashion. Athleisure is all the comfort of working out but with intentionality, choosing your clothing pieces carefully.

For example, instead of wearing a pair of sweatpants, look for ways to pull off a tracksuit or combine your sweats with a more stylish bomber jacket. Toss the old, ratty sneakers and invest in a pair of Air Jordans. Your comfort level won’t change, but your style level will, and for the better.

Keep It Simple

Another lie we’ve been fed is fashion is some mythical, complex beast only a select few can fathom. The best way to be both fashionable and comfortable as a man is to just keep it simple.

Don’t stress yourself out with crazy layers, blending colors and patterns, or trying to craft some exotic new “look.” Simple, comfortable clothes like your jeans, sneakers, and jacket arranged in a tasteful way are stylish too.

Wear Clothes That Fit

Here’s a style secret that goes along with the idea of keeping it simple: the style of the clothes doesn’t matter as much as how well it fits you. A man in a t-shirt and jeans that actually fit will look one hundred percent more stylish than a man in an ill-fitted tux. And clothes that fit will be far more comfortable than those that don’t.

But we aren’t just talking about wearing pants that don’t sag and not wearing shirts that are too tight. You aren’t going to be comfortable in your own skin if you’re wearing clothes that don’t fit your personality. Your clothes serve you—don’t try to fit them.