How To Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day With Your Dog

How To Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day With Your Dog

Ever wished you could celebrate St. Patty’s with your barking bud?

Some holidays, like Christmas and Halloween, are easy to celebrate with your dog. Saint Patrick’s Day can be a little trickier. If you’re bummed about leaving your pup at home on St. Patty’s, we have just the thing.

There are plenty of great dog-friendly activities you can do together on Saint Patrick’s Day. Here are a few of our favorite ways to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with your dog.

Grab a Pint

For the most traditional St. Patty’s experience, grab a pint with your furry friend. Of course, your pup can’t drink the same beer you can—alcohol is poisonous to dogs, and carbonation isn’t their friend either. Luckily, some brands have invented dog “beer” just for pups! One example is Busch’s “Dog Brew,” which is a beverage made from bone broth.

There are also many Irish pubs that are dog friendly, especially in big cities. Check your favorite local establishments to see if any of them would allow your best bud to join you for a drink.

Get Spiffy

Don’t go out on St. Patty’s Day in jeans and a regular T-shirt. Holidays are great occasions to dress up a bit and have fun with your style! Be creative—just don’t forget to wear something green!

For some extra fun, get your pup in on the action. Take them for a bath at a reputable grooming service and pick out some fun accessories for them to wear. Hats, sweaters, and bandanas are always great options.

Visit a St. Patty’s Parade

Your furry friend is sure to be the most popular guest at any parade. This type of event is easier for excitable or anxious dogs, as it’s outdoors, so you get away from crowds if necessary. The food stalls and attractions will surely be a blast for you and your pet.

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in style—and do it with your dog!