How to Detail Your Motorcycle Like a Pro

How to Detail Your Motorcycle Like a Pro

Professional detailing can cost a fortune.

Learning how to detail your motorcycle can save money and keep your bike looking sharp.

Detailing and cleaning your bike breaks down impurities that may diminish your bike’s quality over time.   

There are several motorcycle detailing kits available online to get you started with the equipment necessary to perform a professional-grade job.

While buying the detailing equipment can be just as costly as getting your motorcycle detailed, these kits will last for multiple detailings, making them worthwhile investments for any motorcycle enthusiast.

Detailing your motorcycle can be split up into four key steps.  

Bike Preparation  

The first step in how to detail your motorcycle like a pro is to properly prepare.

Move your motorcycle into a shady area that provides protection from the wind to avoid foreign particle accumulation.

Next, remove any leather such as the seat and side bags.

Remove or cover any other parts of the bike that should not come in contact with water, such as the battery.

The last step in preparation is to give the bike a pre-wash rinse with plain water to loosen any hard debris.   


After the pre-wash rinse, the heavy-duty washing and scrubbing can begin. Fill two buckets for washing and scrubbing—one with water and one with water and cleaner.

When washing, use two microfiber towels to avoid scratching the body of your motorcycle and change your water if it becomes too dirty.

Special wheel and exhaust cleaners may be necessary to thoroughly erase buildup in these areas.

After your bike has been scrubbed and rid of all dirt and grime, do a final rinse to avoid soap from drying on the bike and dry your bike completely with microfiber towels or an air compressor.  


The next step in detailing your motorcycle is polishing. Polishing removes any unwanted scuffs or abrasions.

Polish should be applied to the damaged area in a circular motion with a microfiber towel.

Always start with a lightly abrasive polish and a small amount of the product and work your way up depending on the severity of the damage.

\After working the product in with moderate pressure, buff the area based on the specific polish’s instructions. This process can be repeated multiple times until the imperfections are taken care of.   

Wax or Metal Protectant  

Using a wax or metal protectant is the final step in how to detail your motorcycle like a pro. For a final layer of protection, apply this protectant in the same manner as a polish or according to the product details on all visible painted surfaces.

Once the product has dried, use a clean microfiber towel to give the bike a final buff and remove any excess wax for a final shine.   

Make your bike look brand new without breaking the bank by detailing your motorcycle at home in just four steps.