How To Make Your Proposal Special

How To Make Your Proposal Special

When you’re ready to pop the question, the way you ask is almost as important as what you’re asking.

Your proposal is a story that may be told and retold for generations. Whenever you decide to propose, think about how to make your proposal special.

Choose the Right Place

Find a place that’s significant to your partner, or—even better—both of you. Whether it’s your favorite restaurant, your favorite vacation spot, or even just at home: find a way to your proposal location a place that already has special memories. This will go a long way towards making it feel like an event rather than a question.

Choose the Right Audience

Some people won’t appreciate it if you put them on the spot in front of a group of people. Hopefully, you know your partner well enough to tell if they would like a proposal at any group event. If your partner is more reserved, it may be best to do it in a situation where it’s just the two of you.

Choose the Right Ring

Besides photos, the ring is the only physical representation of your engagement, so you want the perfect one. Although diamonds are a tradition, many couples are finding alternative gemstones for their engagement rings. Finding a ring unlike any that your partner has seen before is a surefire way to show that you know how to make your proposal special.

Make a Day of It

The day of your proposal is supposed to be monumentally special and memorable. Select a bunch of your favorite activities to do together and plan an entire day that ends with your proposal. When you’re telling the story later, you’ll come out looking like a real Romeo.

Integrate Your Proposal With Your Activities

Working your proposal into the day’s activities is a fun and creative way to make your proposal special. Find a way to incorporate the proposal into whatever you do for the day: whether dropping the ring into a champagne glass or placing it at the end of a treasure hunt. There are a million ways to do it!

Following any of these strategies is a great step towards making your proposal unique and memorable. With the right series of choices, you can create a memory that will stay with you forever and that your family can retell for years.