How To Pick a Watch That Fits Your Personality

How To Pick a Watch That Fits Your Personality

With so many different classic and creative designs out there, choosing a new watch can sometimes be overwhelming. We’ve simplified this process into the most important factors to consider when deciding how to pick a watch that fits your personality.

Silver vs. Gold

The first factor to consider is whether you prefer a watch made of gold or silver metal. Some people prefer robust silver-plated watches, while others prefer gold watches that have a luxurious glow. If you’re not sure which metal will suit your personality best, choose the best metal for your skin tone.

Silver pairs better with cool skin tones, while gold is more complementary to warm skin tones. Review our guide below to check which skin tone you have and what metal to include in your watch.

Signs you have cool-toned skin

  • Veins in your wrist appear blue
  • Your skin has a pink or red undertone

Signs you have warm-toned skin

  • Veins in your wrist appear green
  • Your skin has a yellow undertone

Function vs. Fashion

Another element to consider when picking a watch that fits your personality is whether you value function over fashion. For some, watches are an essential tool that they use throughout the day to stay on task. For others, watches are simply an accessory to add sophistication to any outfit.

If you value a watch with high-functionality and advanced abilities, browse for watches that have additional digital features. Although they may not be as fashionable, these watches will help you track your daily steps, heart rate, and other valuable data.

However, if you want to collect different styles of watches to match your different outfits, narrow your shopping search to watches with unique bands and designs.

Customized vs. Classic

Watches are one of the many ways you can express yourself through fashion. What do you want your aesthetic to be? Do you value professionalism? Are you a creative soul? First, determine what type of style you want to express in your daily life.

Once you’ve determined your fashion goals, you can narrow your search for a high-quality watch. If you’re looking for professional, clean, and effortless styles, we recommend shopping for watches with classic designs. Classic watches are timeless and can work with almost any outfit.

Creative souls may crave a more customized accessory. If you prefer to express your passion for art and experiment with new trends and styles, we recommend customizing your watch with favorite colors and designs.

Review these simplified tips on how to pick a watch that fits your personality if you’re not sure where to start. Once you establish your style, finding a watch to complement it will be easy.