How to stop the worry about sweat for the first time

Don’t sweat it man

Guys, let’s face it; sweat is just a part of life. In fact, did you know that men sweat twice as much as women? Many men face the “swamp pit” issue. You know, when a guy is drenched underneath his arms at a party. Sometimes people will even point and laugh while secretly knowing exactly what it feels like to be that guy.

So, MAN’edged Mag wanted to give today’s man the edge and get some advice on how to beat the sweat. We met up with a leading male-focused dermatologist, Dr. Terrence Keaney, to talk about sweat and had a few light bulb moments of our own. Here’s what we discovered:

MAN’edged Mag: How do we stop this embarrassing moment from happening in the first place?

Dr. Keaney: “In some regards, it’s inevitable. Just by the location, sweating is always going to be a concern, particularly in times of stress.”

Dermatologist, Dr. Terrence Keaney
Dermatologist, Dr. Terrence Keaney Photo Courtesy of Dove Men+Care

Sometimes our lives puts us in some intense situations. Anything from our gym workouts to giving a sales pitch can trigger an increase of sweat. But there are some baseline things we can do to prevent and lessen the “swamp pit” issue.

MAN’edged Mag: Since it’s inevitable, what would you recommend guys do to be proactive?

Dr. Keaney: “Men sweat almost two times more than women. There are certain grades of sweating, so there are different ways to treat it.” Dr. Keaney says. “From the baseline, using a true antiperspirant is the first line of defense. An antiperspirant is a roll on application for the underarm that contains salt, which can actually block the sweat from reaching the skin’s surface.”

MAN’edged Mag: Sometimes guys face irritation issues from deodorants. What can you tell us about that and can you offer a suggestion about what product buy?

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