Interesting Facts To Know About Garage Doors

Most people look at a garage door as an entryway into the home, and that’s usually what it’s used for, but it is a handy tool for several things.

It makes a great barrier for inclement weather and can also provide a huge return on your home should you ever decide to sell it. Additionally, a steel-reinforced door provides a supreme level of protection against just about anything.

Here are a few interesting facts to know about garage doors so that you can make your mind up for yourself about whether to invest in one someday.

The Lifespan of a Garage Door

Did you know that the tension spring built into the housing of the mechanics behind the garage door can last for up to ten years without replacement? That means that you have a guaranteed decade in which your garage door should be functional. You will still need to do minimal repairs in the meantime, but nothing major, as this is what mainly drives your garage door in its daily performance.

Home Value Having a Garage Door

Garage doors are said to have a typical lifespan of around 20 years if given proper care and maintenance. This is impressive by most standards when it comes to machinery. Of all home projects, installing a garage door will yield the seller a 97.5 percent return on their investment when selling their house. This is an extremely important thing to know before installing a garage door.

Frequency of Use of a Garage Door

Most people tend to use their garage door as their main entry point into their homes. It makes perfect sense, as garage doors are secure enough that no one can break in so long as the door has all the right components. You’ll never have to worry about remembering if you locked your doors before you left or after you came home. Convenience meets safety in a battle royale that ends in a tie, as they both come out winners!

When buying a home, it might be a sound idea to think about installing a garage door at some point. Not only will it give you the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with having a safe home, but you will also have a strong return on your investment should you ever decide to sell your home. This is certainly something to take with you as you consider the interesting facts to know about garage doors.