Jobs for People Who Love Driving

Jobs for People Who Love Driving

Do you love driving or have ever dreamed of earning a living from behind the wheel of your vehicle? Then an automotive career may be for you. Explore your options with these jobs for people who love driving.

Taxi or Rideshare Driver

Especially if you live in a big city, a job as a taxi driver or a driver for a service like Uber or Lyft might be a good fit for you. Taxi and rideshare drivers must be adept at navigating the busy, complicated streets safely and efficiently. Taxis and rideshare services are one of the main modes of transportation around big cities, meaning that drivers will earn a good salary and tips for their services in these locations.

Truck Driver

A truck driving career centers around driving goods across the country. Long-haul truck drivers have the unique opportunity to take long drives across the country, seeing the world from behind the wheel of their trucks. If you’re passionate about driving, don’t mind the long periods of time spent away from home, and don’t have any disqualifying medical conditions, a career as a truck driver could be the perfect fit for you.

Auto Hauler

An auto hauler is responsible for transporting vehicles, including luxury ones. Because of the responsibility and skill required to transport such expensive items as automobiles, auto haulers usually earn a high annual salary. Plus, if you have a passion for cars as well as driving, you’ll get to interact with numerous brands and types of vehicles.


If you’re interested in driving a fancy car like a limo as part of your career, you may be interested in chauffeuring. Chauffeurs are responsible for transporting passengers and often work for a single client or agency. Though the base pay isn’t always particularly high, the job tips well and is a great one for those who are interested in the fancier side of the transportation industry.

Race Car Driver

Almost every guy has dreamed of being paid to drive around a track at lightning speed, right? That’s the life of a race car driver. Keep in mind that lots of time, skill, and training is required to pursue this career.

Whether you’re interested in exploring new careers or are looking for a gig on the side of your main job, try one of these jobs for people who love driving.