Jordan Peele’s Nope Movie: “What’s in The Sky?” and What to Expect

Image courtesy of Sky Vodka

Here’s the best way to enjoy Jordan Peele’s Nope Movie

Jordan Peele’s latest movie, NOPE hits theatres on July 22, and SKYY Vodka wants you to find out “What’s in the Sky”.

Here in Manhattan, SKYY Vodka invited MAN’edged magazine to an exclusive preview of Jordan Peele’s latest blockbuster, NOPE.

While moviegoers tend to gravitate toward the classic popcorn-and-soda combo for their in-theater experience, spirits brand SKYY Vodka is introducing a boozy option.


As shares, SKYY Vodka’s cocktail collection is inspired by scenes in the movie.

These drinks will be available at select theaters nationwide, including Alamo Drafthouse, B&B Theaters, and Cinemapolis for guests to enjoy while they watch the film.

The tasty COS-NOPE-OLITAN has SKYY Vodka, Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, Lime Juice, Cranberry Cocktail, Ube Concentrate, Garnish: cotton candy cloud + pennants.


What to Expect When Watching Jordan Peele’s NOPE Movie

In short – just get ready.

You go in thinking you’re going to see one movie and realize you’re watching another.

Your eyes will be glued to the screen.

So, as you’re sipping your SKYY Vodka cocktail, we recommend a straw to help so you don’t miss a beat.

Our Editor Michael William G watching the exclusive NYC preview of NOPE courtesy of SKYY Vodka

The story is full of twists and turns. Plus, a buttload of symbolism.

If you came here for a full review, we don’t feel right spoiling the movie, but you can read this article here or here for a spoiler.

All we can say is go with an open mind and if you’re like us, you’ll be going to see it again within a week’s time.

Cheers and drink responsibly.

The Team at MAN’edged Magazine