Men’s Spring Fashion Essentials

Men's Spring Fashion Essentials

Every season has its style.

Though spring, like autumn, falls between summer and winter, it’s a season unto itself that calls for its own distinct approach to fashion. As we settle into spring, set aside some closet space for a few of these men’s spring fashion essentials. Until true T-shirt and shorts weather makes its overdue appearance, here’s just a sampling of what you’ll want in order to create some truly vernal outfits.

Gingham Shirts

When the weather is volatile, you need a versatile shirt. A complement of gingham dress shirts should get you through every situation that spring offers. This checked pattern goes equally well with coats and sweaters or stands on its own with no extra layer at all.

Linen Suits

Donning a linen suit doesn’t mean you have to look like some caricature of a southern gentleman. Today’s linen suits are lightweight, breathable, and stylish, making them an ideal option for warmer temperatures when a normal suit would weigh you down. Linen suits come in a variety of colors, not just off-white. In other words, nobody’s going to ask if you’re selling any fried chicken.

Floral Print Ties

Unless you work in a Twilight Zone where every day is your senior prom, wearing a fresh boutonniere to the office each day is an excessively formal gesture. But as flowers are coming into bloom, you can use your necktie as a canvas for capturing the spirit of springtime. Floral print ties are a little loud for fall and winter, but as we turn to spring, the bursts of color they provide can be a welcome reminder there warmer days are ahead.

Classic Sunglasses

As the sun starts getting higher in the sky, your eyes will need some protection they didn’t need on those dreary winter days. Whether you go with wayfarers or aviators, a classic pair of sunglasses is a perfect spring accessory. Be careful about spending too much on shades—if you’ve lost or broken pairs in the past, don’t feel as if you have to splurge to get an over-expensive pair if you know you’re going to lose them. If you’re worried, buy a reasonable pair within your price range.

Denim Jackets

Closing out our list of men’s spring fashion essentials is the classic denim jacket. Though never truly out of style, denim jackets are experiencing a renaissance as of late, as well they should—they’re perfect for transitional weather. You my want to avoid matching a blue jacket with blue jeans lest you invite the “Canadian tuxedo” jeers, but a well-deployed denim jacket can project a feel of timeless cool.