Methods To Improve Motorcycle Track Racing Time

Methods To Improve Motorcycle Track Racing Time

Start winning your races faster with these methods to improve motorcycle track racing time.

Perfect Your Turns

Turning is one of the hardest things to get used to while track racing. Especially on tracks with tight curves, you need to turn quickly but with precision and balance. Watch your entry speed and body positioning to keep your center of gravity low through the whole turn.

Focus on Smooth Riding

It may not seem as important in a racing situation, but smooth riding can actually help you reduce your lap times. When you are unstable, you must divert focus from other tasks and realign yourself mid-race. Try controlling your breathing and handle your throttle and brake with smooth motions.

Study the Map

Knowing the track ahead of time can help you plan out your maneuvers before the race begins. Look for the most difficult turns and stretches of track and create a strategy for how you will deal with them. Having the map in your mind during a race can help you pass other riders easily and react quickly.

Keep Your Eyes Ahead

As with driving any vehicle, when racing a motorcycle, your hands and body will follow where your eyes look. If you are staring at the road or riders close by, you will increase your risk of losing ground or even crashing. By focusing your eyes down the track, you will have more time to process upcoming turns and maneuver around other racers.

Upgrade Your Bike

Apart from practicing your skills on the track, you can improve your racing time by upgrading your motorcycle. There are many ways to make your bike go faster on the track by managing its power, weight, and traction. Consider taking your motorcycle to the shop and finding out which modifications will work best for you.

These methods to improve motorcycle track racing time can help anyone from a novice to an expert perfect their craft. Try out a few of these tips and have a friend or instructor watch you for more feedback.