Most Common Moving Day Mistakes To Avoid

Most Common Moving Day Mistakes To Avoid

It’s time to stop stressing out about your upcoming move.

Making plans for any life event is bound to fill you with anxiety as you consider everything that could go wrong. From the expense to the time it takes, moving seems more like a fantasy than a reality for some. Still, it helps to be aware of the most common moving day mistakes to avoid.

You could wing it—especially if you’ve moved before. Still, every relocation is different. As life changes, you may run into new challenges that make moving harder. Find out how to avoid a disaster.

Letting Kids and Pets Roam Free

Children and pets can get in the way while you or professionals move boxes out of your place. You should put them in a room where they won’t get hurt or find someone to watch them. It’s best for the safety of everyone involved.

Negating To Pack Every Last Item

Make a list of everything that needs your attention before movers arrive. You don’t want to forget to dismantle a lamp or put your mattress in a plastic cover. Taking care of these steps before your movers show up will save you time—and, therefore, money.

Shipping Hazardous Materials

Few people know that movers are not allowed to put certain items on the back of their trucks. You need to know about these items, so you don’t pack them in your boxes. Things you can’t pack that you must move include:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Weapons
  • Gasoline and propane
  • Fireworks
  • Cleaning liquids
  • Anti-freeze
  • Paint

Scheduling Cleaners and Movers at the Same Time

You’ll likely need to clean your old place before you move out but having multiple services in your house at once can be chaotic. One of the best tips for hiring professional local movers is working with a company that can accommodate your schedule. Call well in advance to ensure you get the moving day you desire.


Don’t clean while your movers are doing their thing. Try your best to stay out of the way and clean before and after they pick up your items.

Expecting Movers To Pack Your Appliances

If you plan on taking appliances like your refrigerator, washer/dryer, and oven, you need to talk about it with your moving company. They may need special equipment to haul these items. Further, you may need to contact someone to unhook them so movers can remove them from your home. Professional movers aren’t electricians and plumbers.

Prepare for your major life event when you know the most common moving day mistakes to avoid. Start packing well in advance and decide how you’ll handle pets, kids, and overlapping schedules. Once you’re aware of potential issues, you can predict ways to solve them.