The Stylish Man’s Guide To Accessories

The Stylish Man’s Guide To Accessories

Often, it’s the little things that work together to create a unique sense of style, and this stylish man’s guide to accessories will explain a few of the key pieces that can really pull a look together.


If you still believe jewelry isn’t for men, you haven’t been paying attention. Jewelry can be a flashy accent makes you stand out in a crowd, and bracelets and necklaces are two easy ways to add a spot of bling to an otherwise plain outfit. Or you can go more subdued by choosing a less flashy metal or another material that matches the rest of your clothes.


The quintessential male accessory is a nice, big, flashy watch. Watches are great to accessorize with because there is rarely an outfit that won’t work with one. A watch can complement both casual and formal looks perfectly, and there are so many watch shapes, styles, and colors that owning at least one should be a given.


As a classic example of form meeting function, sunglasses are an accessory that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing. Remember that the primary point of sunglasses is to protect your eyes, so before you buy the fanciest-looking ones, make sure they actually function well. The sheer number of options for sunglasses can be intimidating, but keep in mind that not all sunglasses work for every face shape—find a pair that works for you, and you’ll be looking stylish in no time.

Head Accessories

Your head typically gets the most attention from people, so it pays to look good up there, and the most obvious option here is to get yourself a hat. That doesn’t mean that putting on the old baseball cap you’ve had for years will be a fashion statement, but a good hat can really complete a look. One option available to long-haired men is to grab a fashionable hair tie that can keep their hair out of their faces while protecting it from damage and looking good at the same time.

This guide to men’s accessories should ensure that you’re not just another nameless face in the room. Whether you’ve never accessorized before or you’ve been doing it for years, it doesn’t hurt to change up your look every now and then. You’ll be surprised at how the smallest things can turn the most heads.