Tips on How To Keep Your Classic Car Show Ready

Tips on How To Keep Your Classic Car Show Ready

Keeping your classic car ready for the show floor can be easy with the help of some essential tips and tricks.

There are few things more satisfying than the dazzling, slick look of your classic car’s chrome trim and the clean, luxurious feel of its traditional leather interior. So, when the time comes for you to display it on the show floor, it’s crucial to understand how to keep all of these attractive features intact.

Of course, you could always just go for the quick-wash and vacuum detail. But we think that a car as magnificent as the person driving it deserves treatment that’s a little more luxuriant. Check out some of our best tips on how to keep your classic car show ready, so your immaculate vehicle will remain the topic of conversation.

Clean Your Engine and Undercarriage

You’re probably thinking that it’s best to start with cleaning your car’s exterior body first. But, before you get out your special soap and washing mitt, consider polishing your engine and cleaning your undercarriage first.

Remember that a prominent aspect of displaying your classic car is showing spectators that it’s still in premium condition despite its age and classic build. So, people will also want to see that its internal parts, such as the engine, are just as polished and beautiful as the rest of the car. Plus, cleaning these parts of your vehicle gives it a clean and sleek aesthetic.

Handwash the Exterior

Next, it’s time to move on to the exterior body of your vehicle. We always suggest handwashing your classic car in the low light with a pH-balanced shampoo and wash mitt so that you can avoid unsightly streaking. Additionally, because the paint jobs on classic cars can be a bit finicky, it’s wise to invest in a ceramic coating for it.

While these coatings can be pricey, it’s well worth the amount of protection they can provide to the paint on your car. They also add depth to the color of your vehicle and keep it looking vibrant and shimmery for much longer.

Get the Interior Detailed

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that the inside of your car is sparkling and spotless. You can carry out this part of the process with the regular vacuum job and window wipe down. But if you’re looking to clean your car’s interior like a pro, shampooing your seats and floor mats and hitting your vinyl or plastic with a quick maintenance spray is a surefire way to make your car stunning.

It’s also wise to dust between your seats, polish your hinges and door jams, and clean your windows with a premium spray. Doing these things will ensure the inside of your vehicle is just as brilliant as the outside.

So, when the time comes to start prepping your vehicle, we hope you’ll consider some of our tips on how to keep your classic car show ready, so you and your striking car remain the talk of the event.