Weird Skills That Will Impress Everyone

Weird Skills That Will Impress Everyone

When you’re at a party, you have the chance to meet new people and show off the best parts of yourself.

If you want to differentiate yourself from the crowd, you must learn a few weird skills that will impress everyone. These are the most unique tricks to have in your back pocket so you can solidify your place in any social scene.

Perfect Unique Dance Moves

When you know how to dance, people take note. There are hundreds of dance moves to learn, from fancy ballroom maneuvers to more modern moves. Try to perfect a few of the most unique ones like the moonwalk and the shuffle dance.

You can also follow dance trends on social media. And, since there always seems to be some new moves on TikTok, you can stay ahead of the game with your shimmies and shakes.

Pick a Lock

Lockpicking may sound like a boring skill to learn—but imagine if you could do it. There are sinister uses for lockpicking which everyone should avoid. Yet, there are so many ways to impress others with a quick flick of the wrist.

Before flashing this skill around others, practice at home. Find yourself a solid set of tools, including a tension wrench lock pick that will make the work easier. Once you can successfully open your practice locks at home, try it out in front of some friends or at a party to impress potential new friends.

Juggle Beyond the Basics

It’s an incredible trick to juggle three small balls, and it’ll no doubt impress people. Yet, just imagine being able to impress them even more when you juggle beyond the basic three!

People who can manage large numbers of objects in the air, or shapes other than balls, can truly mesmerize a crowd. We all remember that guy who juggled chainsaws! Though you should never endanger yourself or those around you, there are plenty of truly rad things to juggle for people’s amazement.

With these weird skills that will impress everyone at your disposal, you’ll be a huge hit no matter where you go.