Which Fish Are Best To Catch by Fly-Fishing?

Which Fish Are Best To Catch by Fly-Fishing?

Are you a rookie angler who’s excited about getting started but doesn’t even know what kind of fish you should try to catch?

Check out this blog to learn which fish are best to catch by fly-fishing so that you know what size rod and what kind of lures you’ll need. Otherwise, you’ll be completely unprepared once you make it out to the water.

If you’re planning on fishing in fresh water, you’re probably going to be casting for trout, salmon, bass, or northern pike. In salt water, you can expect to cast for bonefish and tarpon. Keep reading for insight into where to find these different species.


From the Appalachian Mountains to the Rockies, trout is one of the most popular fish to go fly-fishing for because it’s also one of the most bountiful. Colorado rivers are known for containing large trout, some even exceeding 20 pounds in size. However, if you want to visit “Trout Town, USA,” that would be Roscoe, New York, in the Catskills.


Another North American freshwater fish that’s prime for fly-fishing is salmon. The Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest and the Colorado River in the Mountain State have some great areas for catching salmon in the summertime. If you want to try your hand at catching the biggest king salmon in the States, you’ll have to head to the Great Lakes.


The fish most associated with North American streams and lakes are the largemouth and smallmouth bass. Much like trout, you can find bass across the States. Bass tend to hide beneath large sunken structures to hide from the sun during the day, so when casting, you’ll want to aim for fallen trees, boats, or even lily pad patches.

Northern Pike

With a heavy-duty rod, you can head north to try and catch northern pike in the summer. Northern pike can get massive, with record sizes around 60 pounds. You’ll recognize pike by their long bodies and sharp teeth, which help them prey on smaller fish. You can typically find pike lurking in shallow waters looking for something of their own to catch.

Saltwater Fish

You can also cast for saltwater fish from a boat or the shore. One of the best fly-fishing spots in Florida—and arguably the world—is the Florida Keys, where tarpon and bonefish run rampant along the coral-filled coast. The best time of the year to visit is during mid-October, when bonefish go on the feed.

After exploring which fish are best to catch by fly-fishing, you can be a more informed caster. By understanding what you’re fishing, you can tailor-make lures to attract that species, hopefully increasing your yield.