3 Beers That Have the Highest Quality Ingredients

3 Beers That Have the Highest Quality Ingredients

Looking for some high-quality suds to enjoy with your buds? We’ve got you covered!

Finding the best beer isn’t as easy as it seems. Popular brands often come with lackluster ingredients that leave you feeling less than your best.

There are many types of beers in today’s market. A trip down the liquor aisle in the grocery store may leave you scratching your head. You want an option that doesn’t compromise the integrity of what you’re drinking. We’re here to help you discover three beers that have the highest quality ingredients.

Go Off the Beaten Path

As we mentioned, mainstream beers don’t equal high-quality beers. You can’t trust bestsellers like Bud Light. Mainstream brands tend to use basic grains, such as rice and corn. The following beers are way more complex in their choice of ingredients and healthier for you.

North Coast Brewing Co.

North Coast Brewing Co. has been operating independently since 1988. These folks don’t skimp out on the quality of their beer. They have their product in most major liquor stores if you search by zip code on their website, and residents of California can have beer shipped to them. Our favorite beers from North Coast Brewing Co. include Prankqster and Old Rasputin.

Victory Brewing Company

This company started with two dudes who’ve been best buds since elementary school. They originally did homebrewing and expanded their operation. Common brewing myths explain that homebrewing is legit in terms of quality. Our pick from Victory Brewing Company is Golden Monkey Belgian Tripel, as it provides an out-of-this-world experience for your taste buds with its fruity and savory notes.


Prefer your food and drink gluten-free? Green’s has beers that fit the bill. We recommend giving the Golden Ale a try for a mild beer with hints of caramel. While Green’s is based in the UK, you can easily hop over to Merchant du Vin (at the top of their website) to find it in a store, bar, or restaurant near you.

So be bold and try a new beer with your buddies today! We hope you liked these three beers that have the highest quality ingredients.