5 Jeep Modifications You Can Make at Home

5 Jeep Modifications You Can Make at Home

Modify your Jeep’s performance and appearance with these simple tips.

You don’t have to take your Jeep to an auto shop to overhaul the look of your rig. Whether you’re changing the exterior or interior of your ride, you can do the job yourself.

Save time and money with these DIY-friendly ideas for customizing your Jeep. Discover five Jeep modifications you can make at home.

1. LED Rock Lights

LED rock lights in your Jeep’s wheel wells illuminate the ground around your rig and improve visibility while off-roading. You can attach the light pods to your vehicle in minutes, then enjoy choosing the colors and light settings that help your Jeep stand out.

2. Locking Hood Catch

A stainless-steel locking hood catch in a powder coat finish keeps your hood secure on the trail and safe from potential break-ins. Install this durable part easily to add style to your Jeep’s hood. Some suppliers also offer coordinating door grab handles to help you complete the look.

3. Tubular Doors

One of the best Jeep modifications you can make to your Jeep is installing tubular doors. People who enjoy the open-air feel of a doorless Jeep but want some extra security can appreciate this mod the most. Store the original doors in a safe place so they’ll still look great when you put them back on.

4. Grille

Want to give your Jeep a more aggressive look? With the right grille kit, you can change the design of the front end of your Jeep in less than 20 minutes. Aftermarket grilles feature design details like teeth and angry eye headlights to make your rig look ferocious.

5. Interior Ambient Lighting

Change the vibe of your Jeep’s cabin with interior ambient lighting. Ambient lights along the AC vents, door handles, and floorboard let you customize your Jeep with brilliant hues. You and your passengers can enjoy this feature every time you go for a ride.