3 Common Misconceptions About Jeeps

3 Common Misconceptions About Jeeps

To say that Jeeps have a fanbase would be a gross understatement.

Jeeps are intensely beloved off-roading vehicles that have been around for more than seven decades. Despite the huge following these vehicles have, there are some very common misconceptions about Jeeps floating around. This quick guide will breakdown the facts and help put those rumors to rest.

All Wranglers Use Stick Shift

There is a very strange misconception about Jeep Wranglers regarding their stick shift capabilities. Even today, Jeep Wranglers that have stick shifts are a popular choice for buyers. Due to the popularity of this specific variation of the Wrangler, many folks assume that all Wranglers require you to know how to drive stick.

Driving stick might look cool but it’s not a required skill for Jeep Wrangler owners. You can find these vehicles on the market with automatic transmission, allowing a wider range of drivers to give it a shot. That being said, you’ll probably find yourself paying a bit more for automatic transmission than for manual.

Jeeps Have Infinite Maneuvering Possibilities

This is a fancy way of saying that some people mistake “off-road” for “all-terrain.” While many Jeep enthusiasts know what they’re getting into when they invest in a good Jeep, some people overestimate the vehicle’s power. Whenever you buy a Jeep, don’t assume that it can go anywhere simply because it’s an off-road vehicle.

This doesn’t mean that Jeeps don’t have a wide array of terrains they can travel across, because they certainly do. However, know the limits of your Jeep. If you don’t, it can wind up costing you in the future.

Willys-Overland Was the Sole Inventor of the Jeep

One of the most common misconceptions about Jeeps dates all the way back to their very origin. The birth of the Jeep goes back to the dawn of World War-II, when the U.S. Army was in need of light reconnaissance vehicles for the battlefield.

At the time, three manufacturers valiantly tried to get the bid with their designs. These manufacturers were Ford, Bantam, and Willys-Overland. If you dive into Jeep’s military story, you’ll see that Willys-Overland certainly had a huge impact on this vehicle’s origin and longevity.

However, both Ford and Bantam had major influences on the military Jeeps successfully used during WWII. Not only did they influence the design of military Jeeps, but Ford even assisted Willys-Overland with the manufacture of these vehicles during the war.