Surprising Ways To Increase Horsepower in a Diesel Engine

Surprising Ways To Increase Horsepower in a Diesel Engine

Whether you’re looking for increased torque, horsepower, or overall performance, getting the most out of your diesel engine is important.

You want a fast, powerful, and efficient vehicle, but how do you get it? Modifying your vehicle takes time, effort, and money, but it leads to improvements in your engine that are well worth it. Since different modifications change different things, picking the right type is important.

Looking to modify your engine’s horsepower? You’ll be shocked by the number of options you have available. Let’s look at some surprising ways to increase horsepower in a diesel engine, so you can equip your engine with the power it deserves.


Turbochargers work by forcing more air into the engine than normal. A stock turbo is designed to increase airflow three to four times over a naturally aspirated engine, while a performance turbo can increase airflow five to ten times more. An upgraded turbo keeps the exhaust gas temperature low, which increases the efficiency and performance of the engine.

If you upgrade your fuel flow but neglect your turbochargers, you’ll end up burning more fuel. This creates higher exhaust temperatures and dramatically lowers fuel economy.

If you’re looking to upgrade your turbo, a twin-turbo design is the most optimal setup. The larger the turbo, the larger the boost, but bigger turbos only work at higher speeds and have a considerable amount of lag time. Your setup should include a larger turbo for higher speeds and torque situations and a smaller one for normal driving speeds.

EMC Flash and Chip Upgrades

Wouldn’t it be nice to upgrade your engine with a single, easy-to-use chip? With electronic engines, the easiest way to increase horsepower is to do an EMC Flash. This involves reprogramming the onboard diagnostic computer to handle more power.

Reprogramming the EMC should only take a few minutes. It allows the onboard diagnostic computer to remove certain power restrictions from your vehicle. This way, you can add more fuel, air intake, and turbo boost during compression.

When you’re upgrading your engine with an EMC Flash, upgrade the horsepower and transmission at the same time. If you forget, you could end up ruining your transmission! Though some people doubt the efficiency of engine programmers, they provide a huge boost to your engine’s power and efficiency when done right.


Looking for another surprising way to increase horsepower in a diesel engine? Additives are a simple yet effective way to boost your engine’s power. When browsing the market, you’ll find plenty of additives available for your engine.

Additives are chemical compounds designed to be mixed with your diesel fuel. They provide a cleaner burning combustion, remove engine sludge, stabilize the fuel, clean out impurities, and decrease friction.

Most additives are similar, but some are made for specific purposes. By using the right kind of additives, you can improve fuel efficiency and boost output by up to 10 HP.