3 of the Most Popular Classic Cars for Collectors

3 of the Most Popular Classic Cars for Collectors

Automotive collectors must be picky about the cars they buy.

Most people only have so much space for storage, and things are bound to need servicing at some point. Additional maintenance costs can add up, so choosing the right vehicle is essential.

When it comes to classic cars, there’s no shortage of popular options. These are the three most popular classic cars for collectors.

Chevrolet Corvette

Corvettes are a huge collector’s item. As the longest-running production vehicle, it’s incredibly popular, even with people who aren’t into cars. With over one million sold, Corvettes aren’t necessarily rare, but they can still fetch a high price.

The exterior designs of the early series have a significant wow factor that can bring some aesthetics to your garage. The 1967 Corvette 427 L88 is probably one of the most sought-after models.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is one of the most luxurious cars ever made. Some people like them for their prestige and status, others because of their quality and comfort, but there’s no doubt the Rolls-Royce Phantom is a big collector’s item.

Designed with stunning craftsmanship and engineering, the vehicle is durable and looks great. For many, it’s the epitome of car manufacturing. That’s why the Rolls-Royce Phantom is such a classic car.

Pontiac GTO (1964)

Another popular vehicle, the Pontiac GTO, is a big collector’s item, especially for those who love classic muscle cars. With power, performance, looks, and various additional options, the Pontiac GTO was a massive hit with customers.

Pontiac made everything on the 1964 GTO, from the chrome highlights to the heavy-duty suspension, in an effort to showcase what the company was capable of in the 1960s. What they came up with was nothing short of amazing.

Find the Best Vehicles for Your Collection

Classic cars are an excellent investment since, unlike other cars, they accumulate value over time. Automotive fans have no shortage of choices when it comes to collectible items.

The most popular classic cars for collectors vary significantly in design and cost, but all present some value to enthusiasts.