Best Furniture Ideas for Tall People

Best Furniture Ideas for Tall People

If you’re a tall man, you’re familiar with the struggles that everyday life can present.

You have to stoop to fit through low doorframes, others ask you to grab things on high shelves for them, and sitting in the economy section of an airplane is a nightmare. It seems cruel that even selecting furniture is more difficult for you. But don’t worry—we’ve come up with some of the best furniture ideas for tall people to help you solve that problem.


When choosing a sofa, look for one with a deep seat to accommodate the length of your legs. It should have a tall enough back to support your spine and be high enough off the floor that you won’t need to bend your legs at an unnatural angle. If you want to be able to stretch out across your sofa, choose one that’s at least as long as you are tall.

Desks and Tables

The most important thing for a tall person to consider when choosing a desk or table is whether your legs fit comfortably underneath it. Desks and tables with keyboard trays, drop-down ledges, and braces are not usually a good option for tall users since they leave too little legroom. Choose a desk or table that fits you so that you’ll feel comfortable sitting at it for long periods.


Like with sofas, fitting into the average chair can sometimes be a problem for a tall person. Look for one with a high back and deep seat that is high enough off the floor. If you often find yourself feeling crammed into chairs, opt for one with a broader seat.

If you’re looking for a luxurious option, consider getting a massage chair designed for tall people. Many of these chairs come with wide seat cushions and adjustable footrests to accommodate even the tallest among us.


At one point or another, you’ve probably had the experience of trying to get to sleep in a bed that you don’t fit in. It’s not comfortable, and needing to lay at a diagonal angle to fit is no fun.

When you’re searching for a bed, be sure to consider both its length and width. Queen, king, and California king beds are the longest options but vary in width. You’ll also need to decide how high off the ground the bed needs to be for you to get in and out of it comfortably.

Hopefully, these best furniture ideas for tall people have given you some insight into choose pieces that will fit your height comfortably. The right furniture for you is out there—you just need to know how to find it.