Best Methods to Grow A Thicker Beard

Best Methods to Grow A Thicker Beard

Fall is coming, and as the weather gets cooler, there’s no better time to experiment with your personal style.

This fall, you may even be tempted to grow a beard to keep your lip from quivering in the cold. However, if you’ve been let down by results in the past, continue reading and discover some of the best methods to grow a thicker beard.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Whenever you want to stimulate change in the body, a healthy lifestyle is always a good place to start. For thicker beard growth, there are two things you can do. You can stay hydrated and stick to a healthy diet full of vitamins B, C, D, zinc, and iron.

Testosterone also plays a major role in beard growth, and the easiest way you can boost that is to lift weights regularly. Caring for your body is one of the best methods to grow a thicker beard that you should consider adopting for the best growth possible.

Reduce Your Stress

It’s well-known how bad stress can be for your health, but did you realize that it can also impact your beard growth? As it turns out, stress can lower your testosterone and weaken your immune system, which can make it difficult for you to grow a long, luscious beard. Find ways to reduce your stress, such as getting regular exercise or cutting back on how much caffeine you consume.

Take Supplements

We mentioned earlier that you should change your diet to make sure you are consuming the right nutrients for your beard. While there’s no magic pill that can help you grow a thick beard overnight, taking daily biotin supplements can encourage facial hair growth.

Clean Up Your Beard

There’s a common misconception that beards can provide an escape from your regular grooming responsibilities. This is far from the case, and for some, grooming a beard might be harder than just shaving yourself back to a baby face.

There are two areas on your face that you will want to either trim to a low length or shave off completely—your cheek lines and jaw. There are many tutorials online that will show you the best way to go about this. The main point is that cleaning up your beard will not only help you look more presentable, but it will make your beard appear thicker because there’s more of a contrast between your skin and your facial hair.

Be Patient

The last piece of advice is to be patient. For one to three months, try to grow your beard, and over time, you will slowly realize that hair has become thicker in certain areas where it was once quite thin. If you start now, you have the chance to grow a beard you can be proud of before winter rolls in!