Features Your Next Car Should Have

Features Your Next Car Should Have

From functionality to comfort, automotive technology is evolving for the better. Here are some of the features your next car should include.

Automatic Four-Wheel Drive

New four-wheel-drive technology automatically switches over to four-wheel drive when the car detects traction difficulties. While this may not seem like the most exciting feature, it will keep you safe in uncertain weather.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control takes cruise control one step further, using radar to detect if there’s another vehicle in front of you and automatically slowing down your vehicle. You’ll still have to be alert to changing conditions, but you won’t have to adjust your cruise control settings manually anymore.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic braking is another great addition to the line-up of vehicle safety features your next car should have. Like adaptive cruise control, your vehicle will use radar to detect if you are too close to another object and automatically apply the brakes in time to prevent a collision.

Parking and Back-Up Sensors

Parking and back-up sensors are beginning to become standard for most vehicles. Make sure your next car has these features to make parallel parking and backing into tight spaces a breeze.

Heated Seats and Steering Wheel

Heated seats and a heated steering wheel are a luxury you won’t want to live without once you try them. Say goodbye to cold hands and shivering while you wait for your car to heat up in brisk weather. Conversely, cool seating can come in handy on hot sticky days.

Passive Entry

Remote start is a common feature in the luxury car community, but passive entry is just as useful. With passive entry, your car will automatically unlock when you attempt to open the door if you have your keys on you. Passive entry is a great feature for those who commonly fumble with their keys to get their car unlocked.