Best Tips for Tailgating This Summer

Best Tips for Tailgating This Summer

The smell of cooking meat and the crisp sound of a can opening are just a couple of the sense-related excitements associated with tailgating. From a distance, you can hear the early crowd in the stadium nearby and you think to yourself, “We’re back!” As you begin to determine all of the possibilities regarding where and how you want to celebrate at an event, consider the best tips for tailgating this summer.

The Location Details

In choosing a location for your best parking lot partying to take place, be sure to seek out the rules of a particular site. You first want to check and make sure that tailgating is allowed there. Even if it was in the past, it’s a safe bet to see if anything changed for a particular location before loading up and heading out there.

You’ll also want to check and see what time the gates open. Giving yourself enough time to thoroughly enjoy tailgating and still having ample time to find your seat and get comfortable is important.

Choose the Menu

Deciding on the menu is an essential part of the whole operation. The less garbage you can accumulate, the easier things will be. Lean toward finger food when possible. Handheld sandwiches, chips and dip, and other delightful fare options won’t let you down. Additionally, there will be very little clean-up to take care of prior to entering the stadium.

Prep Ahead

The more you can prepare ahead of time, the more relaxing and fun your experience will be. Pack your coolers ahead of time and add your ice before you leave your home. You may bring another cooler to keep food warm. Planning and prepping will allow you to organize everything you want to bring and determine how to pack it all in afterward. Flying by the seat of your pants will only add stress to your experience.

Find Cooking Options

Though you could absolutely cook food ahead of time and keep it warm, part of the fun of tailgating is the cooking out. Many people load up their whole grill, but there are other options. Consider a smokeless grill and how it works to cook food without unnecessary smoke and can double as a bonfire. The more compact you can make your whole operation, the easier setup and breakdown will be. Use versatile pieces whenever possible to make your life easier.

With a few of the best tips for tailgating this summer, you’re sure to have a blast. The wait is almost over, and you should enjoy every moment to the fullest. There are many ways and places to spend your time living it up with those you’ve missed most.