The Most Common Car Problems During the Summer

The Most Common Car Problems During the Summer

As summer rolls around, car maintenance is probably the last thing on your mind.

But frankly, unless you want to be dealing with expensive repairs in the sweltering heat, you should start thinking about performing some preventative maintenance on your vehicle. To help you know which parts of your car to focus on, we list some of the most common car problems during the summer.

Air Conditioning Issues

Problems with your air conditioning system are more likely to occur during the summer, and they’re far more noticeable in the hot months of the year. If you test your air conditioning system and find that it isn’t working at all or that it takes far too long to cool down your car, check its fluid levels. If that doesn’t fix the problem, take your vehicle to a mechanic.

High Tire Pressure

As the temperature fluctuates, the pressure level of your tires will increase or decrease. In the summer heat, your tires tend to expand, which can lead to overinflation or even a tire blowout. Maintain optimal performance by monitoring your tire pressure levels carefully, especially during the transition from spring to summer.

Overheating Engine

In the summer, when everything is hot, your car’s engine can also overheat. If you notice any steam coming from under the hood of your car, you should pull over to examine the problem and call a mechanic if necessary. Often, an overheating engine is a sign of an issue with the cooling system or a lack of coolant.

Do you want to avoid these most common car problems during the summer? Take advantage of the cooler weather in spring by performing maintenance now to prepare your car for summer. You’ll be grateful that you did when you don’t have to pay for as many expensive repairs and have fully functional air conditioning in the heat.