Men’s Summer Fashion: Tips for Going Out

Men's Summer Fashion: Tips for Going Out

A new season means a new style, so check out the following men’s summer fashion tips for going out.

Start Simple With T-Shirts

There are few things as fundamental in men’s fashion as the plain colored tee. While graphic shirts are fun for hanging out with friends and chilling at home, it’s impossible to overstate the subtlety and potential of a plain tee. You should find a few colors that go well with your skin tone and match with the pants and shorts in your closet.

Then, see if there are any style variations like V-necks and front pockets that can add some flavor. Simple t-shirts go great on their own or with a blazer, so add this versatile top to your collection.

Detail In Layers

While it may be summertime, you will still wear pants and layers, especially to work. Many office jobs require a full suit or dressed-up atmosphere. Don’t battle these expectations amid the summer heat. Instead, embrace them and find ways to cut corners fashionably.

For example, if you work at a formal office, you could veer away from the sport coat and try something different. There are many different kinds of men’s vests that go well over a button-down shirt. Detail your attire with layers like vests, lightweight sweaters, and unzipped bomber jackets.

Match Socks and Sneakers

In summer, you’ll likely wear shorts and high-rise pants that reveal your ankles. Instead of wearing socks that always pop out of your shoes and look unsightly, opt for no-show socks that give you that classic, sockless look. No-shows are perfect when wearing loafers or sneakers.

You must also assess your summer sneaker game—where can you wear the shoes you own? Do you have stains and marks on white sneakers or dress shoes? All these questions and more will help you streamline your sneaker selection for the summer.

Remember these men’s summer fashion tips for going out before you leave the front door. The last thing you want to do is wear an uncoordinated outfit on a first date or appear unprofessional on a formal occasion. Check your outfits with a fashionable friend and see how you can revamp your wardrobe for the hot months ahead.