The Top Jeep Mods for Mudding

The Top Jeep Mods for Mudding

There are many different varieties of off-roading that one can enjoy, from rock-crawling and dune bashing to green laning and overlanding.

For those who aren’t afraid to get a little dirty, mudding is perhaps the most enjoyable option. If you enjoy the thrill of cruising through mud puddles and seeing how far you can get without getting stuck, consider investing in the top Jeep mods for mudding listed below.

Tough Tires

When it comes to mudding, one of the best modifications that you can make to your Jeep is swapping out your stock tires with a fresh pair. Depending on your preference, some of the best types of tires for mudding purposes include balloon tires, paddle tires, and mud-terrain tires. Outfitting your Jeep with such options will decrease your potential for getting stuck while driving through slick puddles of mud and clay.

A Winch

No matter how experienced you are, your vehicle will likely get stuck at some point if you enjoy plowing through pits of mud and clay. To make sure that you can pull your vehicle out of any sticky situation it gets into, consider investing in a winch kit.

This towing device consists of a cable or chain wound around a rotating drum. If your Jeep gets stuck, you can attach the winch to a sturdy anchor point—such as a large tree—and pull your vehicle free.

A Suspension Lift Kit

Another of the top Jeep mods for mudding is a suspension lift kit. By lifting your Jeep, you can increase its ground clearance. As a result, you will be able to go through deeper puddles and over larger obstacles without getting stuck.

Heavy-Duty Shocks

When mudding frequently, heavy-duty shocks are also a useful upgrade to make. While stock shock absorbers may be suitable for managing bumps and the occasional pothole along a paved road, you’ll need something a little more capable when driving over rugged terrain. By investing in heavy-duty shocks that will absorb more impact, you can enjoy a smoother, more stable ride while off-roading.