Careers for Men Who Want To Travel

Careers for Men Who Want To Travel

Some men were just born to roam; that’s why we’ve compiled a list of careers for men who want to travel.

Flight Attendant

You don’t need a license to fly to take to the skies. Whether you want to travel the country or internationally, a flight attendant will have the chance to see the world in between flights and experience a myriad of cultures. Flight attendants benefit best from having customer service experience with foreign languages, as well as CPR training.

Cruise Ship Worker

Prefer spending your time on the seas? Working on a cruise line provides great opportunity with a need for diverse backgrounds to fulfill every service the cruise liner offers. You’ll get to travel the world in greater comfort than a flight attendant, all while receiving free room and board.

Truck Driving

There’s nothing quite like the open road and no greater example of testosterone than truckers. Becoming a semi-truck driver is the definition of being paid to travel as you cruise throughout the country with ham radio and your fellow truckers to keep you company. The demand for truck drivers is always high, so job stability is secure.

Construction Manager

If you’re interested in the construction industry, construction managers not only make good money, but they also do a good amount of traveling. Oftentimes construction managers will need to relocate to oversee projects for a few months. Then, when the project finishes, you’ll get to relocate again to oversee the next project.

English Teacher

Not typically thought of as a career for men who want to travel, but prospective English teachers typically have their pick of destination. Foreign countries like Japan or South Korea are eager for teachers to teach their kids English as a second language, meaning you have a golden opportunity to move across the world and experience a foreign culture.

International Aid Worker

If you want to give back to the world, registering with organizations such as the Peace Corps or Red Cross will offer you the opportunity to both travel and help those in need. There is never a shortage of disasters and dilemmas, so you’ll find yourself traveling the world quite often and making a change within many countries.