Get Fired up With the Greatest Bar Arguments

Get Fired up With the Greatest Bar Arguments

Two men sitting at a bar, throwing down some barley pops and watching the game, is a classic scene.

It’s one that plays out every day across the globe. What happens at some point is inevitable; the two will start talking, then probably yelling.

They’ll call it a passionate exchange of ideas, but it’s yelling. They will be arguing over one of the greatest bar arguments.

Recent technological advances, *cough* smartphones, almost killed the bar argument with their instant access to information, making guys think they know everything.

Get fired up with the greatest bar arguments and rage on!

Was Mike Tyson the Greatest Fighter in History?

Boxing has seen its share of great champions over the years, like Marciano, Lewis, Ali, and Leonard. But no one knocked the boxing world for a loop like Iron Mike Tyson when he debuted in the 1980s.

He was fierce, hit like a Mack truck, and left a pile of posers in his wake. Across all weight classes, in all the years, Tyson is the greatest champion ever.

Prove he wasn’t.

Is Ketchup Acceptable on a Hot Dog?

In one specific part of the country, these are fighting words, literally.

Venture into a Chicago hot dog stand and ask for that combination and get ready for a punch in the mouth.

Ketchup belongs on fries and burgers. End of list.

No rational person would smear ketchup on a hotdog. Children are allowed because they don’t know any better. Food arguments are the most heated at the bar and ruin the occasional relationship.

The Designated Hitter: Yes or No?

The DH debuted in baseball in 1973 in the American League.

Since that day, baseball has been divided into two camps, and they are divided by their fandom.

National League fans think the DH is an abomination, and American League fans love it. It’s allowed for both leagues during interleague games and the World Series.

Now, in 2020, during this abbreviated season, the DH is allowed in the National League for this season only. It’s a matter of time before it’s in both.

Jordan or LeBron?

Who is the greatest basketball player of all time? Jordan and LeBron are the favorite choices, and your choice depends on age.

Older guys favor Jordan and younger go with LeBron; it’s that easy. But everyone knows though that Jordan is the greatest, hands down.

The guy would’ve won eight championships in a row if he didn’t take two years off to play baseball. Not even close—Jordan is the G.O.A.T.

Is The Godfather the Greatest Gangster Movie Ever?

As far as gangster movies go, The Godfather only gets a nod because it was the first. It was a genre-defining film that shocked audiences.

By today’s standards, though, it is a snoozefest of a boring film. Goodfellas, Carlito’s Way, Snatch, and The Untouchables are all superior movies.

Give a nod for being the first, but it’s far from being the best.