Ways to Decrease Your Fuel Consumption

Ways to Decrease Your Fuel Consumption

Gas can be a costly monthly expense, especially if your car has poor gas mileage. As the cost of gas rises, drivers are looking for ways to decrease fuel consumption. Thankfully, there are some things you can do—regardless of what car you have—to decrease your car’s fuel usage.  

Tighten Your Gas Cap 

The first step in decreasing your gas consumption is simple; always make sure your gas cap is on tight. Leaving your gas cap on too loose can result in evaporation. Don’t let the gas you purchase go to waste by keeping your gas cap on tight. 

Avoid Idling 

Idling is a major source of wasted fuel. When possible, avoid letting your car run when not moving, like waiting in a parking spot or sitting in standstill traffic. If your car is going to remain stationary for multiple minutes at a time, turn it off to avoid wasting gas. 

Address Maintenance Issues 

Routine maintenance can keep your car’s fuel consumption in check. Always changing or cleaning your car’s air filters will help your engine run smoother and more efficiently. The dirtier your air filters are, the harder your car’s engine must work, resulting in more fuel used. Tires also play a big role in fuel efficiency. Your tires should be fully inflated to avoid excessive gas consumption. The size of your tires can also affect your car’s gas usage.  

Cruise Control 

When possible, one of the best ways to decrease your fuel consumption is by using cruise control. Accelerating and braking can burn excess amounts of fuel when not done steadily. When traveling on the highway, avoid this by implementing cruise control. Cruise control eliminates acceleration and increases your fuel economy.  

Reduce Vehicle Weight 

Another simple way to decrease fuel consumption is to reduce your car’s weight. Keep the items left in your car to a bare minimum and try to eliminate extra exterior weight, such as your roof rack. Minimizing the weight of your car increases your fuel economy by requiring less power to accelerate and making your car more aerodynamic when eliminating exterior accessories.  

Practicing these tips will decrease your fuel usage and help you spend less money in return.